Facebook Gets a Facelift

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo News

Facebook has changed a great deal since its launch in 2004. Just last week, the social networking site had users in an uproar, after changes that seemed to mark the last straw for many. In addition to newsfeed changes, Facebook added a real time ticker of friend’s activities to the right hand side of the page. While I don’t personally have any issues with these updates, I can’t say the same for my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. I’ve seen numerous complaints and more talk of moving to Google +, especially after Thursday’s f8 developer conference.

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage to announce a complete transformation to Facebook. With the introduction of timelines and integration with services like Spotify and Netflix, Facebook is really looking to push the envelope and you can’t blame them. The company became the first social networking site to attract half a billion people during one day.  With a user base of over 750 million members, Facebook is obviously aiming to take social networking to the next level.

While many are anxious to see these changes and are excited about what Facebook is bringing to the table, there are also many who stand on the other side of the fence, deeming it “Stalkbook” and proclaiming to be done with the site. Ironically, everyone complaining about Facebook is doing it through Facebook status updates.

Facebook has taken us on a roller coaster ride, but its users are still logging in every day. In fact, Americans logged 53 billion minutes on Facebook in May according to Nielsen. The question is will these changes make you use Facebook more or less or will you explore the unchartered territory of Google+?



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